Fuel Saving Under-mount Deflector

SmartWay Certified

Truck Fuel Saving Device

Slides with the rear axle to maintain fuel efficiency

Superior to Composite Side Skirts

In Summary:

  • Pricing starts at $1,462, plus shipping,
  • Reduces fuel consumption with efficient wind resistance fiberglass panels,
  • EPA SmartWay certification with a 5% fuel savings rating,
  • Slides with rear axle which means that no adjustment is needed to preposition the slider in forward or aft positioning,
  • Flat bed or dry box application,
  • Wind tested at the National Research Centre in Ottawa,
  • CARB compliant,
  • Can offer protection to other road users in the event of an side accident,
  • Easy to install in about 2 hours,
  • Stable slides,
  • Low cost – a quick return on investment.
  • Absorbs the negative effects of the side winds on the vehicle while driving
  • Lightweight: only 130 lbs.
  • Protects axle mechanics from the ravages of bad weather, hence extending the vehicle’s service life.
  • Acts as a lateral anti-splash which protects brake boosters and tires from road debris.
  • Reduces levels of vehicle emission pollution.
  • Increases trailer stability by deflecting side winds.
  • Adapts to uneven ground.
  • Offers a safer turning clearance, and
  • Protects brake boosters and tires from road debris.

Designed to provide incredible fuel savings and stabilization while driving. LTS Deflectors are aerodynamic under-mount devices that reduce wind resistance and increase fuel efficiencies while providing better tracking properties when compared to traditional fairing truck skirts.

Created using the same objective as F1 race cars, our deflectors converts trailers and heavy trucks into aerodynamic vehicles. By redirecting air around the axle reduces turbulence and provides considerable fuel savings. It absorbs and deflects the wind to the side of the trailer and consequently increases the stability of the vehicle which contributes to up to 8.5% of fuel savings.  SmartWay certified providing confidence that they will produce results.

LTS Deflectors protect the rear axle from the ravages of bad weather and reduces the wear effect on the vehicle, extending the service life and reducing maintenance costs.  LTS guards are US patented and qualified with the SAE J1321 Type II. AirFlow products are easy to maintain, to install and are compatible with most trailers and trucks including flatdeck.

AirFlow Deflector’s goal is to increase fuel savings providing a more green approach to transporting goods as well as ensure the safety of your streets. LTS deflectors are EPA SmartWay Verified Technologies for Advances Trailer Aerodynamics as well as by the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Airflow Deflector LTS devices are eligible for a subsidy by many government agencies including the Hunts Point Clean Truck Program (www.huntspointctp.com) and the 30% rebate offered through Transport Quebec.

Improves tracking, performance and safety.

Color match gel coat for long lasting appearance, virtually maintenance free and more durable than traditional side skirts.