Fuel Saving Under-Mount Device

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Superior to Composite Side Skirts

LTS Undermount



Truck Skirts and Fairings

LTS Deflectors are aerodynamic under-mount devices that reduce wind resistance and increase fuel efficiencies while providing better tracking properties when compared to traditional fairing truck skirts.

LTS Deflectors protect the rear axle from the ravages of bad weather and reduces the wear effect on the vehicle, extending the service life and reducing maintenance costs.  LTS guards are US patented and qualified with the SAE J1321 Type II. AirFlow products are easy to maintain, to install, and are compatible with most trailers and trucks including flat-deck.


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In Summary:

  • Designed to provide incredible fuel savings and stabilization while driving,

  • Composite fiberglass panel design and construction.

  • EPA SmartWay certification with a 5% fuel savings rating,

  • Slides with the rear axle which means that no adjustment is needed to reposition the slider in forwarding or aft positioning,

  • Flatbed or dry box application,

  • Protection to other road users in the event of a side accident,

  • Easy to install in about 2 hours,

  • Guaranteed for life,

  • Absorbs the negative effects of the side winds on the vehicle while driving

  • Lightweight: only 130 lbs.

  • Protects axle mechanics from the ravages of bad weather, hence extending the vehicle’s service life.

  • Increases trailer stability by deflecting side winds.

  • Adapts to uneven ground, and

  • It offers a safer turning clearance.

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