Truck Side Guards

Truck Side Guards

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AirFlow Deflector has manufactured and distributed a full suite of Volpe compliant and IIHS tested side-underride protection devices, all engineered to decrease the potential for injury and death to pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists, and vehicle occupants. Read more…

Participated in the development of the “Recommended” North American “Volpe” Standard,

Our guards were used to pass Boston’s (2015), New York City’s (2015), and Chicago’s (2017) Side Guard Ordinance laws,

 The only company whose side guards have been tested twice by the I.I.H.S. (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and by most of the major trailer manufacturers in the US,

AFD Standard has been adopted to pass the “Stop Underride Act” currently in-front of the US Congress.

AFD guards are deployed in such cities as New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, L.A., Houston, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Cleveland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Montreal, Halifax, Edmonton, and

 The only side guard manufacturer to offer a side guard solution for every design of truck / industry.

Truck Side Guards that meet all the required Government, Insurance, Industry and Fleet Safety Standards.  

Read more about the North American Standard 


Side Guards for all Truck Applications

Cement, Sanitation, Box, Dump body, Roll Off, Tanker, Semi and Flatbed Trailers


Takler Side guards

Walker Blocker Side guards

Vision Zero Montreal

Montreal to enforce side guards on all city trucks    Read More…