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airflow deflector“220” extrusion rail and “440” panel showed

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AngelWing™ Side Guard – IIHS Tested.


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Featured Side Guards

Truck Side Guards

FOR city trucKS

Kits starting at $425, per side*

Truck side guards by AirFlow Deflector offer lateral protection for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists, in the event of a side collision with large city trucks. 

Truck side guards are a barrier between the vulnerable road user and the space between the front and rear wheels of large city trucks.

Starting at $425.00 per side, Truck side guard kits are available in either full panels or rail systems and are sold by length and strength/force/deflection levels, with most meeting current “Volpe” standards.  This is the amount of energy that is absorbed before the guards distort or break.

Our impact guards are removable and/or retractable in seconds, allowing full access to the underside of the trucks.

Removeable 2-Rail, “440” Strength Deflection Side Guard kit shown



“Saving Lives, One Safer Truck at a Time”

Side Underride Guards


Kits starting from $2,495*

AngelWing™  side impact guards offer side underride protection to vehicle passengers in the event of a collision between a passenger car and the sides of large trucks or semi-trailers. 

AngelWing™  side guards form a protective shield or barrier between the vulnerable road user and the space between the front and rear wheels (underride) of large city trucks.  Side guards work by engaging the vehicle’s  current safety features like airbags, seat belts, and anti-crash avoidance systems and prevents the vehicle coming into and from going under the trailer.

Fully tested by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and certified by AirFlow Deflector, passenger compartment intrusion (CPI) is prevented when a side crash occurs at speeds of up to 40 mph. 

Side Underride Device

AngelWing™ Side Guard kit shown mounted to standard 53′ drybox semi-trailer.



“It’s What’s Behind this Skirt that Saves Lives.” ™

* US$, plus applicable taxes & delivery. 

Fuel Saving Devices


Vortex Generators

Kits sold at $199 including shipping**

V-Spoilers are vortex generators designed to save gas by increasing a vehicle’s aerodynamic performance by reducing resistance or drag at specific locations.  In technical terms, V-Spoilers is a technology that is typically applied to airplane wings, wind turbine blades, F1 race cars and now, transport trucks, trailers, buses and RV’s, anything that moves through the air.

V-Spoilers™ or vortex generators have been in existence for several decades, but they are not well understood.  By installing V-Spoilers to your vehicle, this simple, yet highly effective device will save fuel and will be part of your overall cost reduction / efficiency / aerodynamic strategy.

Strips of 4 V-SP’s using 3M™ Adhesive tape included



“Saves fuel, reduces spray, improves tracking & installs in minutes”

lts fuel saving device


Kits priced at $1,462.00***

Designed to provide incredible fuel savings and stabilization while driving. LTS Deflectors are aerodynamic under-mount devices that reduce wind resistance and increase fuel efficiencies while providing better tracking properties when compared to traditional fairing truck skirts.

Created using the same objective as F1 race cars.  By redirecting air around the axle reduces turbulence and provides considerable fuel savings. It absorbs and deflects the wind to the side of the trailer and consequently increases the stability of the vehicle which contributes to up to 8.5% of fuel savings.  SmartWay certified providing confidence that they will produce results

SmartWay Certified – Slides with the rear axle.



“Saves fuel, increases stability and more durable than side skirts”

* US$, plus applicable taxes & delivery. 

** US$ plus applicable tax, Continental USA and Canada

*** US$ plus applicable tax, Excludes delivery

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