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Builder of Compliant Truck Side Guards

“As part of U.S. DOT’s duty to disseminate research results through the technology transfer process, we engage stakeholders to increase their awareness of technologies that can potentially improve the safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and others who share the road with large trucks in urban areas. Truck Side Guards for vulnerable road users are devices intended to sweep aside pedestrians and bicyclists in side-impact crashes, instead of being swept underneath the vehicle. Side Guards are one of a number of truck safety features that can help save lives, particularly in urban areas. Today, these devices are required in 47 countries. Over the last five years, a growing number of U.S. cities and commercial insurers have also begun requiring or encouraging their use.”

– Dr. Alex Epstein, Engineer, Volpe Center (U.S. DOT)  https://www.volpe.dot.gov/side-guards

AirFlow Deflector

“Offering Standards’ Based Side Guards which meet City Ordinances, Governmental and Insurance requirements, and Fleet Safety Levels”

“Trust the AirFlow Brand of Certified Side Guards and other Safety Products”

Don’t know which one to choose?

Standard Certified¹ Side Under Ride Guards

Truck Side Guards

For City Trucks

Kits starting at $425 per side*

Truck side guards by AirFlow Deflector offer compliant, certified lateral protection devices for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists, in the event of a side collision with large city trucks.

Truck side guards are a barrier between the vulnerable road user and the space between the front and rear wheels of large city trucks.  Truck side guard kits are available in either full panels or rail systems and are sold by length and strength/force/deflection levels, meeting “Volpe” recommended standards.  This is the amount of energy that is absorbed by the guards.

Our impact guards are removable and/or retractable in seconds’ using finger latches that allows access behind the guards for tool boxes, reservoirs or maintenance. Installation requires no fabrication or welding.

Removeable 2-Rail, “440” Strength Deflection Side Guard kit shown



“Saving Lives, One Safer Truck at a Time”

¹ Meets Volpe Recommended Standards

Side Underride Guards

For Semi-Trailers

Kits starting at $2,495 per side*

AngelWing™  side impact guards offer side underride protection to vehicle passengers in the event of a collision between a passenger car and the sides of large trucks or semi-trailers.

AngelWing™  side guards form a protective shield or barrier between the vulnerable road user and the space between the front and rear wheels (underride) of large city trucks.  Side guards work by engaging the vehicle’s  current safety features like airbags, seat belts, and anti-crash avoidance systems and prevents the vehicle coming into and from going under the trailer.

Fully tested by the Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and certified by AirFlow Deflector, passenger compartment intrusion (CPI) is prevented when a side crash occurs at speeds of up to 40 mph.

Side Underride Device

AngelWing™ Side Guard kit shown mounted to standard 53′ drybox semi-trailer.



“It’s What’s Behind this Skirt that Saves Lives.” ™

¹ IIHS Tested

* US$, plus applicable taxes & delivery.