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Pedestrian / Cyclist Side Guard Systems

AirFlow Deflector

Single |  Double  |  Triple Rail Systems

Complete Extrusion Kits start at $799.00**

Rail System in Review

  • Applicable with cement, sanitation, fuel delivery and other Single Use Trucks (SUT)

  • Fully compliant lateral protection devices,

  • Single, double or triple rails systems – aluminum or steel,

  • Choice of frame or body mounting systems,

  • Rails tilt forward or can be removed in seconds with our quick release finger latches,

  • Meets all Volpe* recommended North American standards,

  • Kits include rails, mounting hardware, nuts, and bolts,

  • Sold in kits or by individual components that meet length and strength – absorption/standards,

  • Easy to Install  – (Download Manual)

Walker Blocker takler side guards

  • Meets all city standards requiring side guards on trucks as seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Montreal, San Francisco, and many other Vision Zero North American cities,

  • Built to last, does not rattle, rust or become loose,

  • No welding or fabrication as all parts included,

  • Compatible with sanitation, cement, cube / box delivery, roll-off trucks, flatbed, tanker or pneumatic trailers,

  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, parts, and labor,

  • Easy to install yourself or with training and installation support through dealership network,

  • Green for the environment as all materials are 100% recyclable,

  • Powder coated color providing low maintenance,

  • Made and assembled in North America, and

  • Weighs less than 35 lbs per side installed (5-foot 2-rail kit)

Volpe  Walker Blocker Takler

Side guards are sold by length and Strength Standards

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Measurement Guide

Rail System Options

  • All systems meet Volpe Recommended Standards 

    • Configurations
      • Single Rail System (Areas below tool boxes, fluid tanks, chutes),
      • Double rail System (Covers heights up to 47″),
      • Triple Rail System (Covers Heights up to 64″),
      • Custom solutions available.
    • Color availability
      • Black (Standard), other colors available.
    • Material
      • Aluminum Extrusion,
      • Solid aluminum,
      • Steel.
    • Attachment
      • Body Mount,
      • Frame Mount,
      • Retractable/removable or Bolt-on.

Please complete the information below using the Measurement Guide:

New:  Message Board Safety Panels

Attaches directly to the Rail Side Guards

Brand your company and promote your message!

 Research that shows that attaching a smooth finish flat panel over rail side guard significantly reduces the risk of serious injury or death in the event of a side collision.   Download report (► Here)

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Side Guards – One Step Closer to full implementation.

What are side guards?  – Video

“220” Rails – upward tilt to provide access the undercarriage of the truck – Video

Removable / retractable rails without any tools – Video


Rail Side Guards

3-Rail Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Rail Side Guards

3-Rail Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Inter-axle Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Single Rail Hinged Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Single Rail Cantilever Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Pneumatic Trailer “440” / 3-rail aluminum solution

Cemex USA

Lateral Protection devices

“660” / 3-rail solution

European “220” / 2-Rail Solutions for sanitation trucks.

European “220” / 2-rail solution

European “220” / 2-Rail Solution – Upward tilt providing access.

North American “440” / 3-rail system for sanitation truck that meets Volpe standards

City of Chicago

Steel “660” / steel rail side guards installed on a sanitation truck.

Auttocar USA

“440” Rail system  – Aluminum

New York Post

“440” Aluminum barrier system for a fuel delivery truck.  Boston city ordinance.

“440” Side Guard Protection Device

City of Chicago

Side View – AirFlow Deflector “440” Aluminum Rail System.

Side View – AirFlow Deflector “660” rail side guard system.

Side Guard “440” / 3 rail barrier system.  Available in full steel or aluminum.

Side Guard frame mounted bracket – “440 or 660” systems.

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