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Builder of Truck Side Guards

Since 2005, AirFlow Deflector has manufactured and distributed a full suite of compliant side underride protection devices (side guards).  Our guards are engineered to decrease the potential for injury and death to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and vehicle occupants.

AirFlow Deflector side guards are recognized for having the strongest safety standards, the longest industry warranty and a full satisfaction policy of any manufacturer in the market. Now in our 18th year, we can proudly say that our guards have more than 5,000,000 miles of real test usage without any reported issues or negative effects on the truck body or frame.

Other notable mentions regarding our guards:

  • Tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS),

  • Tested by independent companies – (Single use truck system – SUT),

  • Tested by most of the major semi-trailer manufacturers and  major fleet companies,

  • Weather tested for ice, rain, snow, stone and sand,

  • Road-tested over 5,000,000 miles of real-life use

  • Noise tested – does not rattle, vibrate or interfere with the operation of the vehicles.


Dedication to the advancement of Underride Protection

We are proud of the strong contributions made by our team of devoted individuals in the pursuit of personal safety and a greener environment. It is our continued perseverance and alignment with our corporate vision that has earned us our time-honoured reputation for providing quality products with the highest quality standards.

Today, our dedication to research and development efforts enables us to be well-positioned to embrace new technologies in the quest for continued industry excellence.

Robert Martineau


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