Pedestrian / Cyclist Side Guard Systems

Side Guard

Composite Fiberglass Panels – For Maximum Protection

Built to Last, No Welding or Fabrication Needed

“Walker Blocker Side Guards”

Panel System in Review

  • Applicable with Cement ReadyMix, Sanitation, Fuel delivery and other Single Use Trucks (SUT)

  • Fully compliant lateral protection devices,

  • Lightweight fiberglass composite panels,

  • Choice of frame or body mounting systems,

  • Panels tilt forward or can be removed in seconds with our quick release finger latches,

  • Meets all Volpe recommended North American standards,

  • Kits include panels, mounting hardware, nuts and bolts,

  • Sold in kits or by individual components that meet length and strength – absorption / standards,

  • Easy to install yourself or with training and installation support through dealership networks,

  • Meets all city standards requiring side guards on trucks as seen in New York, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Montreal, San Francisco, and many other Vision Zero North American cities,

  • No fabrication as all parts included,

  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, parts, and labor,

  • Green for the environment as all materials are 100% recyclable,

  • Gel coated color providing low maintenance,

  • Made and assembled in North America, and

  • Light-weight and built to last and to withstand all weather conditions.

Side guards are sold by length and Strength Standards

Price Quotation Request

For volume / OEM, Fleet or Custom orders,

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Measurement Guide

Panel System Options

  • All systems meet Volpe Recommended Standards 

    • Configurations

      • Composite Molded Fiberglass (Covers Heights up to 48″)

      • Cut to Length

      • Standard Color (White), other colors available.

    • Attachment

      • Body Mount

      • Frame Mount

      • Retractable/removable or Bolt-on


Truck Side Guards – One step closer to full implementation.

What are Side Guards?

Removable or retractable without tools in seconds

How to position side guards – Video


20 foot panel fiberglass side guard system – Cement Ready Mix Industry

23 foot, 2-panel fiberglass Truck side guard system – Cement Industry

Truck side guard system – Ready Mix

20 foot, 2-panel fiberglass side guard system – semi-trailer

Panel side guards New York City

Panel side guards New York City

Lateral Protection devices

Panel side guards

Lateral Protection devices

Panel side guards

Lateral Protection Devices

Panel side guards

AirFlow Deflector

Dual panel fiberglass side guards – Chicago

Dual panel fiberglass side guards – City of Halifax.

Dual panel system.  Access tool boxes, fuel reservoirs or for maintenance.

City of Chicago.  Fiber glass panel solution that meet Vople standards

City of Fort Lauderdale, Florida launches Side Guard program.

Airflow Deflector Side Guard Composite Panel.

City of Longueuil with Side Guard “440” panels.

New York City Vision Zero program

Side Guards are removable and allows access to the underside.

Side Guards are retractile.

Side Guard mounting bracket allows access to the under-side.

Full Panel Composite Fiberglass “440” Side Guard

Fresh Direct Side Guard Barrier System – custom gel coat color.

City of Montreal Side Guard Barrier System

Side Guard system installed on a dump truck

City of Boston Side Guard Side Guard Program

Side Guard “440” Underride Protection Device – Meets Volpe standards.

New York City Side Guard Vision Zero

Side Guard “440” panels installed on NYC Police Units.

NYC Fleet Show

Robert Martineau Side Guard by Airflow Deflector

Removable Panels – No tools required.

Robert Martineau Side Guard by Airflow Deflector

Side Guard “440” Underride Protection Devices

Robert Martineau Side Guard by Airflow Deflector

SideGuard “220” underride Protection

“440” panel side guard.

City of Orlando – Side Guard Project

An example of a complex problem with a simple, yet effective solution.

City of San Francisco

New Ypork City Vision Zero

Hunts Point Clean Truck Program – Vision Zero NYC

Vision Zero New York City.