Pedestrian / Cyclist Side Guard Systems

Side Guard

Composite Fiberglass Panels – For Maximum Protection

Built to Last, No Welding or Fabrication Needed

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Panel System in Review

  • Applicable with Cement ReadyMix, Sanitation, Fuel delivery and other Single Use Trucks (SUT)

  • Fully compliant lateral protection devices,

  • Limited lifetime warranty, parts and labor,

  • Lightweight fiberglass composite panels,

  • Choice of frame or body mounting systems,

  • Panels tilt forward and can be removed in seconds with our quick release finger latches,

  • Meets all Volpe recommended North American standards,

  • Kits include panels, mounting hardware, nuts and bolts,

  • Sold in kits or by individual components that meet length and strength – absorption / standards,

  • Easy to install yourself or with training and installation support through dealership networks,

  • Meets all city and insurance standards,

  • No fabrication as all parts included,

  • Green for the environment as all parts are recyclable,

  • Gel coated color providing virtually no maintenance,

  • Made and assembled in North America, and

  • Light-weight and built to last and to withstand all weather conditions.

*  -Original owner/original truck only,
-Covers defects in material and workmanship under normal use,
Warranty does not cover damage due to road hazards or mis-use,
Contact AirFlow Deflector for details

Side guards are sold by length and Strength Standards