Truck Side Guard Subvention Program

Up to $2,000 subvention available for the installation of certified Side Guards

Price Quotation Request

For volume / OEM or Fleet order, please call us ► 800-679-7940

Available Choices:


Rail SystemUnderride Protection Device

Single / Double / Triple Rail Systems

Aluminum or steel alloy

Body or frame mount

Hinge or finger latch system


Panel Systems

Composite Fiberglass

Body or frame mount

Finger Latch system


60-day full satisfaction guarantee

Lifetime limited Warranty

North America’s Standard for Side Guards


Measurement Guide

Side guards are sold by length and space coverage.  To get a quote, please fill out the form below.  For immediate assistance, please call us ► 800-679-7940


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Please complete the information below using the Measurement Guide for the correct length and pricing

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