Side Guards – One Step Closer to full implementation.

What are side guards?  – Video

“220” Rails – upward tilt to provide access the undercarriage of the truck – Video

Removable / retractable rails without any tools – Video


Rail Side Guards

3-Rail Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Rail Side Guards

3-Rail Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Inter-axle Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Single Rail Hinged Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Single Rail Cantilever Side Guard

Lafarge Canada

Pneumatic Trailer “440” / 3-rail aluminum solution

Cemex USA

Lateral Protection devices

“660” / 3-rail solution

European “220” / 2-Rail Solutions for sanitation trucks.

European “220” / 2-rail solution

European “220” / 2-Rail Solution – Upward tilt providing access.

North American “440” / 3-rail system for sanitation truck that meets Volpe standards

City of Chicago

Steel “660” / steel rail side guards installed on a sanitation truck.

Auttocar USA

“440” Rail system  – Aluminum

New York Post

“440” Aluminum barrier system for a fuel delivery truck.  Boston city ordinance.

“440” Side Guard Protection Device

City of Chicago

Side View – AirFlow Deflector “440” Aluminum Rail System.

Side View – AirFlow Deflector “660” rail side guard system.

Side Guard “440” / 3 rail barrier system.  Available in full steel or aluminum.

Side Guard frame mounted bracket – “440 or 660” systems.

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Side Guards