From Seattle to New York City, San Diego to Washington, D.C. a number of leading cities have committed to Vision Zero — while many others are considering and working toward such a commitment.

So what makes a Vision Zero City?

One that meets the following minimum criteria:

  • A clear goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and severe injuries has been set.

  • The Mayor has publicly, officially committed to Vision Zero.

  • A Vision Zero plan or strategy is in place, or the Mayor has committed to doing so in clear time frame.

  • Key city departments (including police, transportation, and public health) are engaged.

Vision Zero is an international movement started in Sweden in 1997 meant to reduce the number of fatal or serious accidents on a specific territory to zero. It posits that humans make mistakes, so road systems should be engineered as carefully as possible to reduce accidents, the public should be educated, and rules should be enforced.

Become engaged.