On the 16th of January 2015, a Freightliner transport truck pulling a 2014 Wabash trailer with 2 Reefer Axles was heading to California through Saskatchewan via Highway 7 (Rosetown).  It was a beautiful sunny day, temperature -10C, no wind, no snow, ideal road conditions.  Driving westbound on Highway # 7 at about 100 km/hr.  was a 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Truck driving at about 100 km/hr.  The driver was distracted and was sending a text message as he approached the Freightliner truck.

The Ford Explorer unexpectedly veered across the highway median and was about to penetrate the side section of the transport truck (underride), heading directly towards the rear wheels of the trailer.

Luckily for the driver of the Ford Explorer, the rig was equipped with an AirFlow Deflector LTS.  Upon impact with the AirFlow Deflector LTS, its side underride protection properties prevented the Ford Explorer from entering the side underride of the trailer and colliding directly with the rear axles.

This type of impact typically kills all occupants of the oncoming vehicle and derails the truck / trailers causing even more catastrophic damage, injury or fatalities.

The impact was so strong that the first axle U Bolts were torn on the Freightliner trailer,  but the semi-trailer was able to safely stop about 300 feet away from the accident.  The driver of the rig rushed to the aid of the Ford Explorer but was delighted to find that the driver of the Ford Bronco had no apparent physical injuries.

The ambulance service were the first respondents to the scene with the RCMP arriving second.  The police officers mentioned that in their opinion, the AirFlow Deflector had a positive contribution for the reduction of injury and prevented a possible fatality to both the driver of the Ford Bronco or the transport truck.   During the month of January 2015, there were two other similar accidents in the area, both accidents involved fatalities.