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Hello Jesse.

I am closing a few loose ends. I will come back to you tomorrow.


From: Siegelman, Jesse []
Sent: November-06-19 10:59 AM
Subject: RE: Welcome to NetSuite Professional Services – Quebec Inc.

Hi Robert,

Just wanted to touch base since my last email. Let me know if any of the
times work for you. If not my schedule is flexible! Looking forward to
working with you.



From: Siegelman, Jesse
Sent: Monday, November 4, 2019 4:37 PM
Subject: Welcome to NetSuite Professional Services – Quebec Inc.

Hello Robert,

Again, welcome to your NetSuite Activation! I’m Jesse Siegelman, and I will
be your primary NetSuite Consultant. The first step in the process is the
Activation Introduction Call. During this call, we will cover the following

. Activation Overview & Scope

. Team & Responsibilities

. Getting Started (Logging In & Best Practices)

. System Preparation Validation (Your Company’s Preferences)

. Data Migration Introduction

. Next Steps & Action Items

In preparation for the Activation Introduction Call, we ask that you come
prepared with the following information (if applicable to your company):

. NetSuite Log-In Details

. Company Logo


. First Fiscal Month & Accounting Period Format (Calendar Month, 4 Weeks or
4-4-5 Weeks)

. Primary Address

. Inventory Costing Method (Average, FIFO, LIFO, Group Average)

. Sales Tax Nexuses

. Fulfillment Preference (Pick, Pack & Ship, Single Step, None)

. Electronic Payment Preference – Is it Required? For which Accounts?

We recommend that you include the System Administrator, the Project Lead and
any Business Process Owner