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Hello Mario,

As per our call, here is the quote for us to replicate the order that we had
with Beck Industries. We can offer you the same guards with a 2% additional
discount. We will function as per the 90-day payment terms from Purchase
Order date.

We have calculated the cost of shipping based on 1 dedicated truck, 1
location and I can confirm that the kits can be delivered before the end of
the year.

We also can accommodate a series of smaller shipments should you wish to
receive some sets earlier so installation processes can be confirmed.

For installation, I have reached out to a few on my contacts regarding
installation services. I will need to get back to you. We can offer
installation training as we did in Phoenix if you would like to consider
that as an option. If so, Cemex would be responsible for the travel and
lodging costs and we would not charge you for any of our time. I would be
set if the trucks were located in Dallas as I have a facility that can
accommodate our request..

Lastly, we have started to provide reflectives that are covering the panel
sections for the Florida market and can offer the same type of product if
needed. In place of the 31″x11′ panel design, we can work with a 4″x120″
pattern that will be affixed to one or both rails. The design can be
virtually whatever you wish and / or we can suggest a version that will
work. We can also pre-install the reflectives at our shop or they can be
attached on installation. This would be considered independent of the side
guard order and should be considered as an option.

Please let me know.


Robert Martineau

Toll-Free Line | 866-717-8737 extension 634