Hello Leticia,


I wanted to send you a =
quick email to say that effective August 1, 2019, all Airflow Deflector =
products now come with a limited lifetime warranty which means that you =
can equip your trailers in confidence knowing that we will stand by our =
product for the lifetime ownership of your =


On another note, we have =
been developing a side underride system call Guardian, where the guard =
itself can be attached before and after the rear wheels.=C2=A0 It also =
can retract or fold up should there needs to be accessibility to the =
undercarriage or should the terrain or loading dock be such that =
additional clearance is required.


As always, we are ready to =
work with your team within the scope of an evaluation should you wish to =
explore your options with Airflow Deflector.


Please let me know if we =
can be of service.


Thank =


Robert =

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From: Leticia Cavalcante =
Sent: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 =
7:53 PM
To: robert@airflowdeflector.com
Subject: =
Side Underride Guards and Warranty


Hello Robert,


As per our conversation earlier today, I would just =
like to register here some of the answers that you provided to =

When we reached out to =
McKinney and mentioned the wish to make these install those underride =
guards they shared with us the concern of this procedure voiding our =
Hyundai Translead warranty.


I =
would like to confirm confirm whether the AngelWing installation would =
void the Hyundai Translead warranty and also know what type of =
certification AngelWIng can provide that this product does not =
adversely affect the structural integrity o