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oking at this email, it was not sent to the contact.


Can you send me his email address?  I want to send them something=




From: A Martineau (AirFlow) <amartineau@airflowdeflector.=
Sent: July 24, 2019 1:41 PM
To: rmartineau@air=
Cc: response@airflowdeflector.com
Florida Utility


Hello Phares,=


Please find attached=
our proposal for a single unit purchase of our certified side underride sy=
stem.  The kit contains all the required components to outfit a standa=
rd dry box or reefer trailer up to 53’.  I would like to mention=
that we have a modular system that is also available that is modular in de=
sign, meaning that each section is 4-foot in length compared to the standar=
d span of a single 20’ length attached at every 3rd cross =
member.  This makes the system much lighter and can be configured to a=
dapt to other retrofitted items mounted on the trailer. 


Regarding dealer pricing, we have=
a qualified distributor system in place for specific regions that benefit =
from reduced pricing, bid assistance, and referral benefits as some of our =
end clients prefer to purchase our guards directly from the dealership rath=
er than installing the units themselves.  I would be pleased to discus=
s the details of acceptance should you wish.


Regarding Installation, it can be done in 2 hours,=
2 people. 


ase let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


Alexander Martineau