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21, 2017 9:54 AM
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Columbia, MO Vision Zero Initiative Program
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Hello Heather,


We are writing you today =
in regards to the City of Columbia’s Vision Zero program.  =
Our company, Airflow Deflector manufactures and supplies a complete =
suite of truck side guard/side underride protection devices. =
 Airflow Deflector side guards have been selected and deployed by =
cities including New York, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago in the US =
and Montreal, Halifax and Edmonton in Canada, under their own Vision =
Zero program and in pursuit of their goal to eliminate traffic-related =
deaths and injuries on their city streets.  =


Our products are Volpe compliant and were used as the =
basis to develop their published standard (440 lbs. pounds of force =
resistance while offering flexibility and deflection).

Our =
guards are featured on Volpe’s website (


Airflow Deflector is available in either a full =
composite fiberglass, aluminum or steel. They offer strong, yet flexible =
solution that can reduce, eliminate or prevent the risk of both death =
and injury to pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists who may inadvertently =
come into contact with the side of larger vehicles.  We also offer =
solutions for the long-haul transportation industry that offers both =
side underride protection and fuel savings.


We would be =