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Thank you, Jovana,

Let me take a look and I will come back to you.


From: Jovana Bahena
Sent: April 1, 2020 4:57 PM
Cc: Joe LI
Subject: CFRTP composite used as Truck side skirt

Good afternoon Robert,

Thank for taking my call, you sounded so busy and I appreciate your time.
Like I mentioned to your, I represent Pentapur composites and We are
located in Santa Ana, CA.

We manufacture CFRTP composite which can be used as truck side skirt or
trailer tail.

It is a composites base on multi-layer of UD tapes (60-65% fiberglass+PP)
with thermal lamination process, it is strong, light and flexible.

This composite is replacing the traditional side skirt materials used in the

I have attached an introduction of CFRTP side skirt composite for your

The UP tape layer can be adjusted, and we can use our own 10m CNC to cut to
the exact size and share, base on the design.

You can also visit for
more details. Please let me know your comment, I look forward to hearing
from you have a good day.

Best Regards,

Jovana Bahena

Sales Assistant

Composites Dept.

Furrental & Pentapur Inc.

P: +1 657-699-3116

F: +1 949-656-7368

M: +1 949-293-1196

A: 601 Parkcenter Drive Suite 203, Santa Ana, California, USA 92705


e: sales

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