Hi David,



Thanks for =
the follow-up.=C2=A0 I am on vacation for the next few weeks.=C2=A0 I have =
not forgotten about you.=C2=A0 I will come back to you mid-month and we can=
schedule a demo.






From: David Le=
af <dleaf@netsuite.com>
Sent: July 31, 2019 4:11 PM
robert@airflowdeflector.com; robert@airflowdeflector.com
RE: Airflow / NetSuite – Meeting



Hi Robert,
I am following up in regards to our previous conversation.  It sounde=
d like we would have been a great fit as partners and had plans to continue=
with the Business Discussion, but I have not been able to get a hold of yo=
u since we needed to reschedule.  

I would love it if we c=
ould connect to schedule that Business Discussion, or at the very least det=
ermine if we want to move forward.  

Please let me know wh=
en you get a chance Robert, I would love the opportunity to work with you.&=
nbsp; If I don’t hear from you I can follow up at a later date. 

David Leaf | Account Executive – M=

5140 |
 @NetSuite  #1 Cloud ERP

Demo: Leading Practices for Manufacturing Success


From: Leaf, David
7/24/2019 3:26 pm GMT-05:00
To: Robert Martineau (robert@airflowdeflector.com=
Subject: RE: Airflow / NetSuite – Meeting

Hi Robert,

I hope all is well!

I just left you a voice=
mail, and wanted to follow up with another email.  I am sure you have =
been busy, but I wanted to see if your software search was still active?&nb=
sp; I would love to get some time on the calendar to speak with you, and ca=
rry out that Business Discussion we talked about.  

Just s=
hoot me