Side Guard Airflow Deflector-4

In recognition of its commitment to the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, the city of Longueuil continues their program of side guard installation on its heavy trucks. The city aims to lead by example in order to incite other municipalities and various private and pubic partners to take concrete action.  Side guard devices are aimed at preventing fatal injuries to people traveling on foot or by bike

In related news, the city of Montreal plans to install side guards on their fleet of 1,000 vehicles over the next five years and urge the federal government to impose this idea nationally. The Mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre, quoted: “these measures significantly reduce the risk of accidents involving cyclists and the severity of injuries in a crash. ”  However, according to Coderre, the vast majority of heavy truck traffic in Montreal owned by private companies, who will proceed with these changes if they do not become mandatory.

For now, the federal government does not see the situation in the same light as the city of Montreal, citing that “Transport Canada audit on the security aspect of side guards do not support the need to make them mandatory in Canada. ”

Major Coderre is considering writing a letter to Transport Canada to focus on the safe side side shields. In Europe, the installation of these on heavy trucks is compulsory by law for about 20 years.