Vortex Generator Fuel Saving Devices


(20 Strips of 4 VSP’s / 17.75″ x 4.25″)

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RV / Semi-Trailer kits (Roof, 2-sides) priced at $199.00. $129.00

Includes No-Charge North American Shipping*

* USD, Limited time offer.  Call for volume pricing.


Installing V-Spoilers?

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What could be easier? V-Spoilers

No need to install each vortex separately as with the others, that is a time-consuming effort.  V-Spoilers are proven wishbone design and are offered in strips, consisting of 4 V-Spoilers per section. An average transport trailer requires 20 strips or 80 V-Spoilers to achieve optimum efficiency.  The benefit is to moderate crosswind conditions which improve aerodynamics and saves fuel.

Sold as a complete kit, each V-Spoiler comes with pre-applied 3M™ peel and stick adhesive.   Each V-Spoiler strip is installed and aligned in a straight line on the roof, and both sides of the trailer.

Thinking of a “Boat Tail”, V-Spoilers take advantage of the same aerodynamic principle of energizing and re-shaping the airflow behind the trailer, providing less drag and increase fuel efficiency.  Same benefit, 1/10th of the cost without the hassle of opening and closing the flaps.


How are V-Spoilers different?

V-Spoilers are different from anything on the market today due to our unique strip installation methodology.  No need for spacers, tape or measurement tools, just clean, peel, and stick.  The finished product will be aligned for maximum effectiveness and look.

This unique design allows V-Spoilers to be quickly installed, ideally spaced for maximum efficiency and effectiveness,  V-Spoilers can be installed yourself without the need for any specialized tools, tape measures or spacers.  A typical installation can be done in less that 20 minutes.

Nothing to lose, only gas to save!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Email: info@airflowdeflector.com