Truck Side Guards "Solutions for all Style of Trucks" Choose from Fiberglass Panels | Metal Rails Cement | Sanitation | Snow | Tanker | Fuel | Box Delivery | Semi Transport Sold in kits / Length / Industry In Stock and available for immediate delivery Have a special requirement? [...]

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Side Underride Devices – Semi-Trailers

Side Underride Guards for Semi-Trailers Designed to protect vehicle occupants if a side collision occurs Tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and most of the trailer manufacturer's in North America. See other official IIHS Video ►(Click Here) *AirFlow Deflector's side underride impact guards are the only [...]

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Truck Underride Side Guard Noted for Saving a Life.

On the 16th of January 2015, a Freightliner transport truck pulling a 2014 Wabash trailer with 2 Reefer Axles was heading to California through Saskatchewan via Highway 7 (Rosetown).  It was a beautiful sunny day, temperature -10C, no wind, no snow, ideal road conditions.  Driving westbound on Highway # 7 at about 100 km/hr.  was [...]

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Photo Bar – Rails

RAIL SYSTEM VIDEO GALLERY Side Guards - One Step Closer to full implementation. What are side guards?  - Video "440" Rails - tilt forward to provide access the undercarriage of the truck without any special tools- Video Removable / retractable rails without any tools - Video [...]

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City of Toronto Side Guard Tender TRUCK-MOD11F-61FL

City of Toronto Side Guard Tender TRUCK-MOD11F-61FL Volpe Compliant Side Guards "440" Hinged 3-Rail System shown Complete kits include all required parts and are sold by length.  Designed to fill the open spaces between the front and rear wheels. _________ Please complete the contact form below [...]

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Quotation – Side Guards for City Trucks

Request a Quote.  It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4! ---- (1) Using the image above, measure the length from the front step to the rear wheels (A and C). ( 2) Measure the height from the ground to the box (B). (3) Do you want to mount [...]

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Truck Side Guards – Panels

Panel Truck Side Guards "City Trucks" Concrete / Sanitation / Tanker / Pneumatic / Fuel / Flat Bed /Semi-Trailer Built to Last, Guaranteed ] Kits include all required components Designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists “Fully Compliant Side Guards” Read more about our warranty _________ Panel System in Review Fully compliant lateral protection devices, [...]

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Lateral Protection Devices – Rails

Metal Rail Side Guard Systems "City Trucks" Concrete/ Sanitation / Tanker / Pneumatic / Fuel / Flat Bed Trailers Built Tough to Last, Guaranteed for life Kits include all required components Designed to protect pedestrians and cyclists "Fully Compliant Side Guards" Read more about our warranty Rail System in Review Fully compliant [...]

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V-Spoiler Vortex Generators

Vortex Generator Fuel Saving Devices Airtab Ecofins _______________________________________________________ Priced at $229.00  $199.00* Ideal for Motor Home's / RV / Semi-Trailer's Enough for roof and both sides 3M Adhesive Included for easy installation Includes No-Charge North American Shipping* * USD, Limited time offer.  Call for volume pricing. Powered by PayPal Powered [...]

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Order V-Spoiler

Purchase V-Spoilers Online Airtabs Ecofins - Includes no charge shipping within the US and Canada, - Ships within 1 business day*, - 30-day no-hassle refund policy, - Guaranteed for life**, - Installation support by email or phone, - Call us for volume discount orders. * Subject to availability ** Visit our [...]

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