June 30, 2017 Installation Deadline:

Sanitation trucks with full composite panels and a 3 rail system.  2 rail systems available. Kits sold to length.

Volpe Compliant


Up to $2,500 combined incentive funds Available* to Eligible BIC Licensees and Registrants to Purchase and Install Compliant Truck Side Guards


► Up to a $2,000* New York City Business Integrity Commission (BIC) side guard subvention program.

► $500** AirFlow Deflector credit.

► Fleet financing available through AirFlow Deflector***


Funding is Available:  Qualified applicants are eligible to receive incentive funding toward the purchase and installation of Vison Zero Side Guards. The funding is being offered to fleets who will work with the City to promote early adoption of these life-saving safety features.

Apply Now Funding is Limited: The Vision Zero Side Guard Incentive Program is accepting applications on a first come, first-served basis. Applicants are encouraged to apply today as funding is limited.

Eligibility Requirements: (1) Trucks must be Class 3 to Class 8 with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 10,001 pounds or greater. (2) Trucks must have 2007 or newer model year engines.

Benefits to Qualifying Participants   (1) A grant incentive up to 50 percent of the per truck/installation price for a Vision Zero Side Guard, or a maximum of $2,000 per truck, whichever is less. (2) Improved vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle safety in New York City.

Additional Benefit of $500.00** installation credit to Qualifying Participants   (1) An additional installation credit of $500.00 per truck/installation for a Vision Zero Side Guard.

Getting Started:  (1) Download the Vision Zero Side Guard Incentive Program Application online (Here).  (2) Get assistance with filling out the application by calling 866-832-8474; or by email at sideguardincentive@tetratech.com

About Vision Zero:  iMore information about NYC Vision Zero can be found (Here).  It is a comprehensive plan to improve vehicle and pedestrian safety in New York City. As a part of this effort, certain trade waste hauler fleets will be required to have truck side guards installed on their vehicles by 2024.

Project Partners NYC Business Integrity Commission NYC Department of Transportation NYC Department of Citywide Administration Services.

Builder of Side Guards



* The official rules are published and controlled by the B.I.C. New York City.  Eligibility conditions and application is the responsibility of the client/organization and not of AirFlow Deflector or it’s service partners.  For specific questions, please call 866-832-8474 or email at sideguardincentive@tetratech.com.  Read the official* version (here).

** Please contact AirFlow Deflector directly for rules, deadlines, and conditions at 866-717-87378 or via email at BICIncentive@airflowdeflector.com.

*** Subject to credit approval.  Installations performed by BIC certified installation facilities.  Down payment required.  Terms and conditions applicable. All rebates to assigned to AFD. Please contact AirFlow Deflector directly for details, application requirements and conditions.  Telephone:  866-717-87378 or via email at BICIncentive@airflowdeflector.com