Truck side guard / underride devices for REFUSE and large city vehicles


AirFlow Deflector CTS and RTS Truck Side Guards offer pedestrian, cyclists, and motorcyclists protection in the event of a side collision with large city trucks.  Our devices are Volpe certified and Vision Zero compliant, adhering to strict strength, position, and deflection standards.  The addition of truck side guards to sanitation, delivery, and other large trucks can significantly decrease the instance of injury or fatality should a side impact occur.

How do they work?  Side guards are installed on each side of large city trucks which covers the opening (underride) between the front and rear wheels. Side guards are positioned to provide maximum coverage to ensure that crash victims do not go under the truck and be struck by the rear wheels. Our side guard can be made of either fiberglass or aluminum and can be retrofitted to most applications using a standard installation process.

What makes our Side Guards different from others rail barrier systems on the market? They are easy to install with an out of the box installation procedure, virtually maintenance free, and are modular for ease of repairs or replacement, should an accident occur.

Side Guards can be installed on new or used vehicles and are adaptable to any size application. All AirFlow Deflector Side Guards can be easily removed in seconds and allows access to the under-side of the vehicle for maintenance, access toolboxes, fire extinguishers and other components.

RTS Steel or Aluminum Rail Side Guard.  Sold to length.

Truck Side Guards

CTS Full Fiberglass Panel Side Guard. Volpe Certified for deflection & strength.



side underride protection and fuel saving devices FOR LONGHAUL TRUCks


AirFlow Deflector LTS or AngelWing ATS Side Guards  convert trailers and long-haul rigs into safe, aerodynamic vehicles providing protection to the environment and vulnerable road users.  SmartWay certified, AirFlow Deflector LTS and AngelWing ATS Side Guards are unlike any other product on the market as they are designed to provide both side underride protection and fuel savings. We have applied proven aerodynamic principles used in the design of F1 race vehicles to long-haul trailers, rigs, and similar transport vehicles.  This aerodynamic technology improves tracking by reducing drag and turbulence, increases fuel efficiency by up to 8.5% per trip, lowers greenhouse gas, and saves money.

Popular edge guards (side fairing skirts) do provide similar fuel savings but do not provide any safety benefits should a side impact occur. Our side guards offer side underride protection to long-haul trailers, and can offer protection to road users from possible injury and death in the event of a side collision. Crafted using a unique composite blend of materials, our side guards are incomparably stronger and more resilient than most traditional side skirts on the market today.

As an added benefit, the truck’s life cycle can be increased since the axle is protected from common road elements such as bad weather, snow, rocks and other road debris encountered while driving. Side Guard LTS and ATS devices decrease the pressure on the tires, which consequently increases their wear-life by absorbing the negative effects of side winds.

truck side guards

LTS Deflector Side Underride Guard.  Flat deck or dry box.

truck side guards

ATS AngelWing Underride System – Metal frame (deflector not installed).

  • Flat deck or full trailer configurations.
  • Fuel savings and side underride protection,
  • Fiberglass composite,
  • ATS Model features a steel frame,
  • More resilient that traditional fairing skits,
  • Improves tracking and road stability,
  • Provides anti-splash,
  • Weighs only 130 lbs installed,
  • Virtually maintenance free,
  • Warrantied for five (5) years, and
  • ► SmartWay and C.A.R.B certified meeting the fuel economy standards.



Mission Statement:  “To protect all vulnerable road users by ending all serious traffic related injuries or death, as no level of human loss is acceptable.”